Astoria Nights. Life is comfortable for schoolteacher Terrence Muldoon, who is also the heavyweight boxing champion of New York. All that changes when his jockey girlfriend is killed at Belmont racetrack. Muldoon is unable to save her and is driven to find out who wanted her dead, and why. He teams up with a NYPD detective friend from his P.A.L. days in an investigation that takes him to Myrtle Beach and the rural environs of South Carolina, into the world of Queens gangsters, down to the Brooklyn waterfront and out to Fire Island for a dramatic finale, all while for preparing for a fight with a man being touted as the next Ali. The bout is an epic struggle of strategy versus raw talent.

Barra’s story of righteous redemption is fast-paced, frightening at times but always thrilling. Will his street smarts and blazing fists be enough to carry the day in this exciting thriller?