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A Death in the Hills

A Novel By

Paul A. Barra

A Bosco Action Mystery

George Bosco has it good: a pension from the NYPD, a ranch nestled into the Black Hills, a job teaching his favorite discipline and the woman he has loved for as long as he can remember. And he’s healthy- until he runs up against Borden Cantrell, the Bully of Quickwater.

The two meet again at high noon on a hot Summer day, but things get pear-shaped during that confrontation. One of the many people Cantrell has terrorized over the years becomes a murderer and Bosco has to identify and arrest him. No one is talking, however,  so he has to overcome a conspiracy of silence.

Bosco’s investigation uncovers secrets and intrigues in the lands of the Lakota, from the gaming industry in Deadwood to greenie activists to the private affairs of ranchers and townspeople of the Hills. It all comes crashing to an end during a dramatic denouement in an animal sanctuary.

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Given the choice between the secular fundamentalism of public schools and the watered-down bashful Catholicism of today's parochial schools, it's no surprise that more families are turning to alternative means for educating their children in the Faith. However, neither the government nor Catholic archdioceses are willing to cede their control over education, and thus have implemented their own measures to prevent families from taking the matter into their own hands. St. Joe's is a real-life story of a group of parents, who after many obstacles, were finally able to control their kid's education by forming their own Catholic high school under the local archdiocese. "St. Joe's Remarkable Journey is truly a remarkable book. Bravo Paul Barra! Bravo St. Joe's!" - Joseph Pearce, Editor of St. Austin Review

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Strange things are happening in the small southern town of Ryun's Gap, North Carolina and now there are reports of a fugitive on the loose. Two young friends, Penny and Howie are determined to get to the bottom of this mystery. Penny especially must find the courage to to use her unique gift - her uncanny ability to foresee the future - to help her friend Howie escape death, thwart a crazed desperado and find a treasure that may prove a neighbor’s innocence.

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This is the story of a schoolteacher, Seamus Muldoon, who moonlights as a prizefighter. He knows the belt he holds as heavyweight champion of the New York Boxing Association is pretty much a meaningless title in the alphabet soup that professional boxing has evolved into, but it’s enough to entice “the next Ali” into a bout. Before the fight takes place, Muldoon’s jockey girlfriend is killed at Belmont Park and he is driven to solve the crime. Characters abound in the world of this protagonist, including Clancy, his salty trainer, Kirchener, a rumpled detective friend from his PAL days, and Fr. Tommy Greene, his best friend since high school and a Fordham Jesuit. Muldoon journeys from the mean streets of Queens to the wilds of South Carolina to Fire Island—with stops, and drama, in-between. All the while, he is training for the biggest fight of his career and trying to keep his students alive in a violent world.

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