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Paul A. Barra is an award-winning reporter and teacher, decorated military veteran and former diocesan staff writer, restaurant manager, bartender, health inspector, clam digger, roofer and director of religious education for a Charleston parish. He and his wife Joan have 8 children. They live with their alpacas and chickens in Reidville, in South Carolina’s Spartanburg County.



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This is the story of a schoolteacher, Seamus Muldoon, who moonlights as a prizefighter. He knows the belt he holds as heavyweight champion of the New York Boxing Association is pretty much a meaningless title in the alphabet soup that professional boxing has evolved into, but it’s enough to entice “the next Ali” into a bout. Before the fight takes place, Muldoon’s jockey girlfriend is killed at Belmont Park and he is driven to solve the crime. Characters abound in the world of this protagonist, including Clancy, his salty trainer, Kirchener, a rumpled detective friend from his PAL days, and Fr. Tommy Greene, his best friend since high school and a Fordham Jesuit. Muldoon journeys from the mean streets of Queens to the wilds of South Carolina to Fire Island—with stops, and drama, in-between. All the while, he is training for the biggest fight of his career and trying to keep his students alive in a violent world.

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