BOOK REVIEW: Historical Fiction Set In Charleston With Catholic Twist

Paul A. Barra’s forthcoming novel Death of a Sacristan, coming soon from Black Opal Books, is a fresh angle on historical fiction set in Charleston, South Carolina. The twist: this mystery involves the Catholic Church during the time of the Civil War, including a slave-owning Rebel Bishop. It’ll go under at least three different categories in your home library: Southern Fiction, Fiction for Catholics and Novels set in Charleston.


With a spicy dash of murder, two heaping tablespoons of savory Old South ambiance, and three cups of boiling mystery, author Paul Barra cooked up a tasty whodunit, in Death of a Sacristan. On the eve of civil war, Charleston is rocked by an unspeakable crime: a killing at the altar of the cathedral. What follows is an entrancing tale of historical fiction in which unlikely sleuths investigate a colorful cast of southern characters. Like a feast of low-country shrimp and grits, Death of a Sacristan is deliciously satisfying!

Kenneth E. Nowell,
Author of the best selling travel guide:
Rome and the Vatican – Guide 4 Pilgrims
Publisher at Vero House Publishing